Queens of the Stone Age share track from forthcoming album; now we can start comparing the new one to Songs for the Deaf even more quickly than we thought!

Queens of the Stone Age share track from forthcoming album; now we can start comparing the new one to Songs for the Deaf even more quickly than we thought!

I know how it goes, dude. You’re not a college kid anymore. You don’t have time for weed and comics and metal and whatnot the way you used to. You like all that stuff still, but let’s face it; life is coming at you faster than ever, and the time has come to put away childish things (or however that saying goes). So, in case you’ve chosen to hide all the posts from that one Facebook friend of yours who is just cripplingly into all-things-weed because you’re sick of all of his regular Dr. Who philosophizing, “original” poetry, and regular sharing of Ram Das quotations, let me at least do you a solid favor and fill you in really quickly and cogently on where everything’s at with Queens of the Stone Age. Sound good? Let’s go!

First up, they’ve signed to Matador and have got a new record coming out on June 4. It’s called …Like Clockwork and is their first new one since 2007’s Era Vulgaris. This one seems to be a bit of a big deal, as — according to the press release — they’ve re-recruited Dave Grohl to play some drums on the thing (along with Joey Castillo and Jon Theodore) and brought former members Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri back into the fold; and there’s even guest spots from the likes of Sir Elton John and Trent Reznor. Holy shit. Doesn’t sound like “clockwork” to me!

Secondly, they premiered a track off of the new LP yesterday on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show, called “My God Is the Sun.” Check it out below if you’ve got a few minutes. Or maybe just bookmark it for later. I know you’ve got responsibilities. (If you end up being into it, you can pre-order the album right now on iTunes and at the Matador site and get that track as an immediate free download with your purchase. Nice, huh?)

Thirdly, the band is hitting the festival circuit pretty hard this summer after the album comes out. To be honest, it’s kind of a confusing jumble of overlapping dates, since all those European fests usually span a couple of days or whatever, but I’ll go ahead and organize and format and post them all for you anyway. Because I know that your time is valuable.

…Like Clockwork tracklisting:

01. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
02. I Sat by the Ocean
03. The Vampyre of Time and Memory
04. If I Had s Tail
05. My God Is yhe Sun
06. Kalopsia
07. Fairweather Friends
08. Smooth Sailing
09. I Appear Missing
10. …Like Clockwork

Confusing jumble of overlapping summer festival dates:

06.13-15.13 - Interlaken, Switzerland - Greenfield Festival
06.14.13 - Landgraaf, Netherlands - Pinkpop
06.14-16.13 - Donington, UK - Download Festival
06.21-23.13 - Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany - Southside Festival
06.22.13 - Berlin, Germany - Zitadelle Spandau
06.21-23.13 - Scheesel, Germany - Hurricane Festival
06.26.13 - Helsinki, Finland - Rock The Beach Festival
06.28.13 - Borlange, Sweden - Peace & Love Festival
06.30.13 - Herchesfeld Roeser, Luxembourg - Rock a Field Festival
07.02.13 - Vienna, Austria - Wiener Stadthalle Halle D
07.03.13 - Budapest, Hungary - Volt Festival
07.02-05.13 - Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic - Rock For People Festival
08.02.13 - Chicago IL - Lollapalooza

• Queens of the Stone Age: http://www.mygodisthesun.com
• Matador: http://www.matadorrecords.com

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