Rabit announces new album Les Fleurs Du Mal via Halcyon Veil

Rabit announces new album Les Fleurs Du Mal via Halcyon Veil

Next month, electronic composer and producer Rabit will release his sophomore album. It’s titled Les Fleurs Du Mal, which we of course all know is French for “The Fleurs Du Mal.”

Following up appearances on two previously EUREKA!’d albums — Elysia Crampton’s Demon City and Chino Amobi’s Paradiso — not to mention TMT’s 33rd favorite music release of 2015, Les Fleurs Du Mal finds Rabit exploring where exactly he belongs in a world that’s growing increasingly chaotic by the second. And, like those albums by Crampton and Amobi, Les Fleurs Du Mal was devised as a product of intentional sequestering, with the goal of creating an experience that feels refined, remarkable, and real.

Les Fleurs Du Mal is set for release November 3 via Rabit’s own Halcyon Veil imprint and can be pre-ordered digitally or on vinyl (limited-edition white or otherwise) here. The album features guest vocals from Chino Amobi and Cecilia, who handles co-production alongside Coil’s Drew McDowall.

Watch the video for “Bleached World,” filmed in Houston during Hurricane Harvey, and check out the album’s full tracklisting, both of which can be found below.

Les Fleurs Du Mal tracklist:

01. Possessed
02. Bleached World
03. Roach
04. Ontological Graffiti
05. Dogsblood Redemption
06. Prayer
07. The Whole Bag
08. Humanity’s Daughter
09. Rosy Cross
10. Ontological II
11. Prayer II (Gemme)
12. Elevation

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