Radiohead Have Not Written the Score to Choke, Nor Have They Recorded a New Song For It

As I suspected earlier today in my original story (TMT News), Radiohead have NOT written the "score" to the upcoming film, Choke (see trailer here). In fact, they didn't even record a new song for it at all. According to The Playlist:

It's either a language thing or Palahniuk is confused or mistaken, but Radiohead did not compose a bunch of new instrumental music and cues for this film ala the way Jonny Greenwood did for "There Will Be Blood" (which is what a score is). We hate to be sticklers for language, but if we're not, things get misreported. A score and writing songs are two different things and Radiohead didn't even pen new songs for the film. "Choke" utilizes "Reckoner" from In Rainbows, in the closing credits and the score is actually written by Nathan Larson ex of Shudder To Think.

We just confirmed this btw, with the music supervisors on the film Ken Weinstein and Lyle Hysen. Our original report on the music of "Choke" is still correct. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Funny how most everyone just ate the news up, probably due to the fact that it all derived from the same BBC report and straight from author Chuck Palahniuk's mouth. But just remember: Palahniuk is a Pablo Honey fan. He can't be trusted. Got some press though, that's for sure.

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