Radiohead shove 2011 out the door with The King of Limbs: Live From the Basement DVD/Blu-ray

Radiohead shove 2011 out the door with The King of Limbs: Live From the Basement DVD/Blu-ray

Ever since Radiohead made an announcement on Monday that changed the way we think about North American tours forever, fans have been speculating as to what the deeply silent next 24 hours could mean for the future of the band. TMT was refreshed over 23 times on Tuesday by Radiohead’s most loyal fans, but with each new story came the sinking feeling that Thom and the boys were either in grave danger or terminally ill. Thankfully, the events of Black Tuesday are now in the past, and we’re happy to report that Radiohead are back in the headlines with a brand-new video product available soon, entitled The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement.

Now that we’re more casual here in the second paragraph, I can admit that calling this “brand-new” is a stretch, but then again, is there anything quite like the smell of a freshly pressed DVD/Blu-ray? Never owned a Blu-ray, but I’d guess the smell is even more satisfying. So on December 19, the entire 55-minute From the Basement performance will be available to watch in breathtaking high definition from the comforts of your own iTunes, while the DVD and Blu-ray versions will ship in early 2012 (or potentially by Christmas if you preorder from the band directly) with a download code included. The songs are all taken from their least-hailed-since-Pablo-Honey album The King of Limbs (TMT Review), along with their most-hailed-since-In-Rainbows songs “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase.” Also included since everyone’s already seen this shit a thousand times on YouTube is a bonus performance of “Supercollider,” their needlessly longest song to date from that Record Store Day 12-inch that I’m not going to say something mean about.

And there you have it. The dust settles on another Radiohead announcement and the world goes black until their next peeping on Friday. Be strong for me.

The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement tracklisting:

01. Bloom
02. The Daily Mail
03. Feral
04. Little by Little
05. Codex
06. Separator
07. Lotus Flower
08. Staircase
09. Morning Mr. Magpie
10. Give Up the Ghost
BONUS TRACK. Supercollider

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