Raekwon, Method Man and Ghostface’s Rumored Collalbum Gets a Release Date, Has the Trailer to Prove It

When last we encountered the Wu-Tang trio of Chef, Meth, and Tony Starks, they were kinda-sorta-uh-huh-pretty-much-sure planning to release an album together sometime in the near future. What had once only been Raekwon’s griping about RZA turned into something wonderful. That is, if only it would actually happen. The sons of Shaolin aren’t the most reliable bunch, as years of patchy concert lineups and endless release-date delays (I’m looking at you, Raekwon!) have taught us. But then again, when the Wu-Tang finally deliver the goods, they rarely disappoint (Lookin’ at you again, Rae).

Luckily this time around, Meth, Ghost, and Rae bypassed all the drama and cold laid out a release date with little fuss and even less muss. But being upstanding members of the one and only W, the three Beez couldn’t just announce the drop date of their highly anticipated collaboration with just any old press junket or mixtape. That’s why this had to happen:

That’s right, people. On December 22, Method Man will murder you in your home and mutilate your pretty little face. God only knows what Ghost and Rae will do to you once their trailers come out in the coming weeks.

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