Rare Christian Marclay and Mats Gustafsson collaboration captured on vinyl

Rare Christian Marclay and Mats Gustafsson collaboration captured on vinyl

If you hate overachievers and yourself, then read on as we divulge to you a sickening example of ridiculously talented people combining their impressive skills to create a sickeningly special event.

It’s 2013 (that lull between successive episodes of metaphoric shit-hitting fans), and the ridiculously hip Café OTO in the frustratingly and perennially trendy London played host to the collaboration between two annoyingly talented artists in their own right: Christian Marclay, who is one of those hatefully true artists who does collage and installation and DJs and can’t help but have his stuff turn up in modern art museums around the world, and Mats Gustafsson, that crazy-in-an-awesome-way Swedish saxophonist who has lived out every one of your fantasies by playing his insane wiggly sax in collaboration with pretty much every great experimental artist this side of the moon.

Yuck, right?

Now fast-forward to 2016. Marclay has just received the Contemporary Visions award from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Gustaffson has recorded a buzillion more albums, and now Vinyl Factory are releasing the 2013 live performance called In Hindsight on a totally, annoyingly cool etched vinyl featuring Marclay’s artwork. Grrrrrrrrr. It’s enough to make you wretch, huh?

Then again, you might be a totally inclusive and supportive kind of person, in which case you’ll be completely psyched and probably heading over to order your copy now.

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