Release for documentary about Sufjan Stevens’ family finally on the horizon — sort of

Release for documentary about Sufjan Stevens' family finally on the horizon — sort of

We like Sufjan Stevens: his baby face, his ridiculous — now abandoned — state project, and the grandiose albums that have followed. But what do we really know about the man? December saw the official Swedish release of Beyond This Place, a very personal film about the emotional reunion of father-plus-son-plus-bikes, directed by Stevens’ longtime friend, Kaleo La Belle (who also commissioned Sufjan and Ray Raposa of Castanets to provide the score). With Beyond This Place beginning to make the rounds, Stevens and La Belle have been in film news for another movie, of more interest to those more inclined to music than dysfunctional family dramas. In 2006, these two things merged in the best way possible, when La Belle filmed an as-of-yet unreleased documentary about Sufjan and his (equally oddly named) brother, Marzuki, traveling to Michigan to see their estranged pop.

According to Pitchfork, after four years, Crooked River is finally being remastered and is on the lookout for distributors. Check out the trailer here, featuring footage of Sufjan dominating Pac-Man — already more talked about than the music he wrote for the project or anything else.

Crooked River: Facebook

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