Remember El-P? He’s on Fat Possum now with a new album… or so they say

Remember El-P? He's on Fat Possum now with a new album... or so they say

Attention reader: The following is the first part in a 17-part series called “According to Pitchfork,” which will feature large dumps of information originally published on the website known as “Rupert Murdoch’s favorite source of independent music news.”

According to Pitchfork, El-P (Spanish for “The P”) will literally crawl out from under the rock he’s been hiding under to hand-deliver his new LP (whoa!) to Goodwill and indie record stores across the nation… sometime in 2012.

The rapper’s new album is tentatively titled Cancer for Cure, and is to be released sometime next year on the Fat Possum label. Cancer for Cure is the follow-up to his 2007 TMT-acclaimed album I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.

As part of their summer single series, Adult Swim is streaming a track from the upcoming album, titled “drones over BKLYN (censored mix).” If you like to click on links and then hear music, click here. If you like hearing uncensored versions of songs… well then, I guess you just have to fucking wait.

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