Reunited And It Feels So Good: Stone Temple Pilots And Frank Black, Together at Last

If we've learned anything from the animated Disney smash hit The Lion King, it's that there is a circle of life. And for third-rate early ’90s grunge rock bands, it goes something like this: you and your unshowered chums start playing small clubs and then gradually progress to big clubs to arenas to casinos to everybody's favorite summer celebration, Taste of Arkansas. But not those contrarians Stone Temple Pilots! Whereas Silverchair and Everclear may soon be coming to a state fair near you, the hard-rockin' rock dudes in STP are keepin' it real by bringing Frank Black on tour with them. Yes, that Frank Black.

The former Pixies frontman and the recently reunited (who knew??) sorta-grunge band will be setting the hearts of nostalgic frat boys and late ’80s college rock fans alight during a very special string of dates this summer. Perhaps Mr. Black will be bringing the noise from his "mini-LP" SVN FNGRS to an amphitheater near you? Only time, or the following listing, will tell.

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