Rhino preps The Replacements Don’t Tell a Soul-centric box set Dead Man’s Pop for September release

Rhino preps The Replacements Don’t Tell a Soul-centric box set Dead Man’s Pop for September release

Although it has turned out to be their best seller, The Replacements album Don’t Tell a Soul always gets short shrift when compared to Pleased to Meet Me, Let It Be, and Tim. More mature, more pop-oriented, less Bob Stinson-influenced; regardless of the reasons, the album marked a definite change in direction for the band. Personally, I have a soft spot for Don’t Tell a Soul — it was my very first compact disc.

Rhino must be enamored with the ‘Mats sixth album as well because on September 27 it will issue the first Replacements box set based around Don’t Tell a Soul and its time entitled Dead Man’s Pop.

The 60-song, 4xCD/1xLP set contains the unheard version of Don’t Tell A Soul (from producer Matt Wallace’s 1988 Paisley Park mix), a collection of rare and unreleased tracks (including outtakes, the original Don’t Tell a Soul Tony Berg Bearsville sessions, and some songs recorded with Tom Waits), and two discs of The Complete Inconcerated Live (a full concert from June 2, 1989 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

In total, 58 of the 60 songs are previously unreleased, making this truly essential for Replacements fans and an accessible intro to one of the most important American bands of the 1980s. Furthermore, the first 500 pre-orders will also receive a 14-song cassette that includes tracks from the box set along with two additional unreleased tracks: “Asking Me Lies” (outtake) and “I Won’t” (Instrumental Bearsville Version).

The full tracklisting for Dead Man’s Pop is below (note, the LP is the Wallace’s Don’t Tell A Soul Redux mix on 180-gram vinyl). Do your pre-orders here.

Dead Man’s Pop tracklisting:

Disc One/LP - Don’t Tell A Soul Redux:

01. Talent Show - Matt Wallace Mix
02. I’ll Be You - Matt Wallace Mix
03. We’ll Inherit the Earth - Matt Wallace Mix
04. Achin’ To Be - Matt Wallace Mix
05. Darlin’ One - Matt Wallace Mix
06. Back to Back - Matt Wallace Mix
07. I Won’t - Matt Wallace Mix
08. Asking Me Lies - Matt Wallace Mix
09. They’re Blind - Matt Wallace Mix
10. Anywhere’s Better Than Here - Matt Wallace Mix
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost - Matt Wallace Mix

Disc Two - We Know the Night: Rare and Unreleased:

01. Portland - Alternate Mix, Bearsville Version
02. Achin’ To Be - Bearsville Version
03. I’ll Be You - Bearsville Version
04. Wake Up - Alternate Mix, Bearsville Version
05. We’ll Inherit the Earth - Bearsville Version
06. Last Thing in The World
07. They’re Blind - Bearsville Version
08. Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost - Bearsville Version
09. Darlin’ One - Bearsville Version
10. Talent Show - Demo Version
11. Dance on My Planet
12. We Know the Night - Alternate Outtake
13. Ought to Get Love - Alternate Mix
14. Gudbuy T’Jane - Outtake
15. Lowdown Monkey Blues - Featuring Tom Waits
16. If Only You Were Lonely - Featuring Tom Waits
17. We Know the Night - Featuring Tom Waits (Rehearsal)
18. We Know the Night - Featuring Tom Waits (Full Band Version)
19. I Can Help - Featuring Tom Waits
20. Date to Church - Matt Wallace Remix

Disc Three - The Complete Inconcerated Live, Part One:

01. Alex Chilton
02. Talent Show
03. Back to Back
04. I Don’t Know
05. The Ledge
06. Waitress in the Sky
07. Anywhere’s Better Than Here
08. Nightclub Jitters
09. Cruella De Ville
10. Achin’ To Be
11. Asking Me Lies
12. Bastards of Young
13. Answering Machine
14. Little Mascara
15. I’ll Be You

Disc Four - The Complete Inconcerated Live, Part Two:

01. Darlin’ One
02. I Will Dare
03. Another Girl, Another Planet
04. I Won’t
05. Unsatisfied
06. We’ll Inherit the Earth
07. Can’t Hardly Wait
08. Color Me Impressed
09. Born to Lose
10. Never Mind
11. Here Comes A Regular
12. Valentine
13. Left of the Dial
14. Black Diamond

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