Rich Chigga welcomes adulthood with Most Boring Name in Rap, announces new album Amen

Rich Chigga welcomes adulthood with Most Boring Name in Rap, announces new album Amen

Congratulations! You’re 18. You’ve lived long enough on the planet to be considered an adult. Just smell that sense of freedom. No more floatie wings. Here’s to swimming out in the deep end: the Real World.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s all that adult responsibility to balance out the freedom. For Indonesian rapper Brian Imanuel, the transition to adulthood (and a new year) has brought on that responsibility with a decision: reverting away from his problematic stage name “Rich Chigga” and back to his given name “Brian.”

The polymath and viral internet sensation, who has since impressed rappers from Desiigner to The Flatbush Zombies, embarked on the road to fame via comedy. “Chigga,” a portmanteau of “Chinese Nigga,” was most likely borne from trying to get a laugh. Now, it seems to have run its course, especially after Brian has been thrust into the global spotlight with millions of YouTube views, a sizable Twitter following, and an American tour to boot.

Though, the new moniker seems to lack pizzazz… a certain “panache”? Just off the top of the ol’ noggin, some possible alternatives:

• Dat Sticka
• Briminem
• Rich Brigga
• Briiiian
• Briyoncé

Oh; I also dug up a Wikihow article on how to make the name change official, Brian. Seems complicated but not impossible.

Moving forward, good ol’ Brian has finally announced his forthcoming debut, which is called Amen and drops February 2, according to his tweet embedded below. While you’re down there, you can also check out Brian’s newest single “See Me,” as well as a list of those upcoming (and unchaperoned!) 2018 tour dates. Welcome to adulthood, Brian. Good luck out there.

Rich Brian on tour:

02.07.18 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
02.10.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium
02.20.18 - New York, NY - Terminal 5
03.01.18 - Paris, France - La Bellevilloise
03.03.18 - London, UK - O2 Islington Academy
03.04.18 - London, UK - O2 Islington Academy
03.05.18 - Cologne, Germany - CBE
03.07.18 - Berlin, Germany - Festaal Kreuzberg
03.08.18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Tolhuis (Paradiso Noord)

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