RIP: David Maslanka, American composer

RIP: David Maslanka, American composer
Photo: Sue Rissberger Photography

From Montana Public Radio

World-renowned composer David Maslanka died Sunday evening at his home in Missoula. During his career, Maslanka composed over 150 musical works, including 50 pieces for wind ensemble, eight symphonies and 17 concertos.

Maslanka was diagnosed with a severe form of colon cancer in June. He was 74 years old, and is survived by his three children.

Maxine Ramey, Director of the School of Music at the University of Montana, says she was shocked when she heard the news. “It was very sad. His illness just took him so quickly, and I don’t think anyone expected such a vibrant American composer who really was still in his prime as a composer to pass away so suddenly.”

Ramey says he was working on his tenth symphony when he died. […]

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