RIP: Jerry Leiber, “Jailhouse Rock” and “Stand By Me” songwriter

RIP: Jerry Leiber, "Jailhouse Rock" and "Stand By Me" songwriter

From Rolling Stone:

Jerry Leiber, one of the most important songwriters in the history of rock & roll — whose 60-year partnership with Mike Stoller produced “Stand By Me,” “Hound Dog,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Young Blood,” “On Broadway,” “Yakety-Yak” and countless other classics – has died of cardiopulmonary failure. He was 78.

“When Jerry and I started to write, we were writing to amuse ourselves,” Stoller told Rolling Stone in 1990. “It was done out of a love of doing it. We got very lucky in the sense that at some point what we wrote also amused a lot of other people.”

• Leiber & Stoller:

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