RIP: Robert Craft, conductor, writer, frequent Stravinsky collaborator

RIP: Robert Craft, conductor, writer, frequent Stravinsky collaborator

From The New York Times:

Robert Craft, an orchestral conductor, scholar and writer who was called an elegant Boswell by his supporters and a calculating Svengali by his detractors for his long professional association with Igor Stravinsky, died on Tuesday at his home in Gulf Stream, Fla. He was 92.

His wife, Alva, confirmed his death.

Mr. Craft spent nearly a quarter-century as Stravinsky’s amanuensis, rehearsal conductor, musical adviser, globe-trotting traveling companion and surrogate son. After Stravinsky’s death in 1971, at 88, he was a writer, lecturer, conductor, public intellectual and keeper of the Stravinskian flame. […]

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