Stream the first single from Detroit trio Ritual Howls’ upcoming LP Turkish Leather; no it’s not techno, sorry

Stream the first single from Detroit trio Ritual Howls' upcoming LP Turkish Leather; no it's not techno, sorry

Detroit’s Ritual Howls will release their second LP Turkish Leather through felte Records on September 30. No, it’s not techno. No, it’s not a Dilla reissue. So what the heck is it!?

Well, it’s kind of like if David Lynch directed a modern-day Western (or Midwestern, heh) set in Detroit with hipster cowboys. Hopefully that helps.

I know it doesn’t. Ritual Howls is Ben Saginaw, Chris Samuels, and Paul Bancell (Fun fact: Saginaw’s brother is Shigeto). They use guitar, drums, and bass, like a rock band, but also synths, plenty of tasteful reverb, and field samples — “sound design turned pop,” as the press release so nicely puts it. The fusion fully evokes the Detroit mythology, whilst operating apart from that raw, four-on-the-floor sound (or Dilla sound) more often associated with it.

They’ve released the first track from the album, “Zemmoa,” and you may want to stream it below. Listen for the ping pong sample tucked in there. Furthermore, you may want to check out their first album if you like the track. You may also want to read the tracklist for Turkish Leather, and you may also want to pre-order it. You are in control.

Turkish Leather tracklist:

01. Zemmoa
02. The Taste of You
03. Take Me Up
04. My Friends
05. Final Service
06. Helm
07. No Witnesses
08. Turkish Leather

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