Robert Pollard Signs Up for Lamaze Classes, Expecting Once Again

Robert Pollard, the coolest "older uncle" if not "father figure" of indie rock. He continuously kicks out the jams, ignoring the strains in his body. He's also pregnant with a new album: Normal Happiness, due October 10. Gentlemen, prepare to break out the cigars.

This is his second album out this year, following From a Compound Eye [TMT Review]. Pollard encourages the album to be bought at independent record shops, adding a bonus live CD of Pollard and the Ascended Masters to all copies sent to independent shops. Take that, condescending security jerk.

Normal Happiness was produced in one month in Pollard's basement. Out of the 47 songs created, 16 made it to the album. Congratulations tracks 1 to 16! Here are the lucky winners:

1. Accidental Texas Who
2. Whispering Whip
3. Supernatural Car Lover
4. Boxing About
5. Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On)
6. Get A Faceful
7. Towers and Landslides
8. I Feel Gone Again
9. Gasoline Ragtime
10. Rhoda Rhoda
11. Give Up The Grape
12. Pegasus Glue Factory
13. Top Of My Game
14. Tomorrow Will Be Another Day
15. Join The Eagles
16. Full Sun (Dig The Slowness)

Let's all help him pay his mortgage! Why, isn't that what fans are for? Otherwise, he might have to resort to selling personal items on eBay again. That's okay, too.

11.09.06 - Bloomingtin, IL- Bluebird #
11.10.06 - Chicago, IL- The Abbey Pub #
11.11.06 - Dayton, OH- The Foundry ()
11.13.06 - New York, NY- Bowery Ballroom *
11.14.06 - Philadelphia, PA- World Cafe Live *
11.15.06 - Baltimore, MD- Sonar +
11.17.06 - Boston, MA- Paradise Rock Club*
11.18.06 - Northampton, MA- Pearl St./

# w/ Nassau
( w/ Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience
) w/ Murder Your Darlings
* w/ Starling Electric
+ w/ Portatastic
/ w/ Richard Davies

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