Roc Marciano rides out with new album Behold a Dark Horse, straight from “The Horse’s Mouth”

Roc Marciano rides out with new album Behold a Dark Horse, straight from "The Horse's Mouth"

Rapper, producer, sex trade connoisseur, and burgeoning singer Roc Marciano has released the followup to the followup to his critically acclaimed 2017 return album Rosebudd’s Revenge. Behold a Dark Horse JUST DROPPED on September 18, fresh on the heels of RR2: The Bitter Dose, which debuted back in March of this year. Like its two most immediate predecessors, the new album is an independent release available firstly as a digital download from Roc Marciano’s online storefront. Physical and streaming formats are expected to follow in the weeks ahead, as was the case with the last two albums.

Of course, the first things that are most striking about Behold a Dark Horse are the cover and title, which appear to be inspired by Milton William Cooper’s conspiracy literature classic, Behold a Pale Horse. William “Bill” Cooper was a Navy officer turned radio broadcaster and author who was killed in a shootout with Apache County police at his Arizona home in 2001, and a book touching on his legacy in both fake news and prison libraries was put out earlier this month by Penguin Random House. On “Whoolers,” the new album’s penultimate track, Roc Marciano raps, “In my former life, I think I might’ve been a penguin.”

Production duties for Behold a Dark Horse are handled by Roc himself, as well as Preservation (of Dr. Yen Lo) and frequent Roc Marc collaborators Alchemist and Arch Druids’ Animoss and Don Cee. Also returning to the boards is Q-Tip, who previously produced “Thread Count” off Marciano’s recently re-issued sophomore album, Reloaded. Guest features include Black Thought, Knowledge the Pirate and Busta Rhymes.

Watch the self-directed video for Behold a Dark Horse’s first single, “The Horse’s Mouth” below, see the full tracklist for Behold a Dark Horse below that, and download here.

Behold a Dark Horse tracklisting

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