Rodrigo Amado and Chris Corsano premiere “Announcement” from forthcoming debut on Astral Spirits

Rodrigo Amado and Chris Corsano premiere "Announcement" from forthcoming debut on Astral Spirits

I’m a lousy birder. Whenever my son and I are out rambling in our neighborhood’s parks, we try to identify our flying friends by sound (the sprog is better than I). It’s a skill I want to improve and one I ASSUMED would come naturally to me. After all, I’ve got healthy auricles and have experienced a lot living on this grand globe for many years.

I’m better with music. Slightly. Like all you music luvvers, I guess well with most acts but there are still some artists that complicate my universe regularly, despite their perceived “styles.” Even the most intense and aggressive free sounders have certain tendencies, but reedist Rodrigo Amado and drummer Chris Corsano? They always render me a birdbrain.

Although these two giants of staunch improvisational work have played together and have released two full-lengths already in a quartet with bassist Kent Kessler and saxophonist/trumpeter Joe McPhee (This Is Our Language [Not Two, 2015] and A History of Nothing [Trost, 2018]), this is the first recording of the two as a duo. So, this is kind of a big deal. And to celebrate such a big deal, we are blessed to announce the premiere of the track “Announcement” in typical excited announcement style!! [That’s right; not one, but two of these: !]

“Announcement” is taken from Amado/Corsano’s forthcoming debut album No Place to Fall which is out June 14 on limited CD, limited CS, and DL on Astral Spirits. This masterclass in the unconventional can be pre-ordered here. It is a collaboration for the ages, not for the birds, so get pecking at those limiteds ASAP!

No Place to Fall tracklisting:

01. Announcement
02. Don’t Take It Too Bad
03. No Place to Fall
04. Into the Valley
05. We’ll Be Here in the Morning

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