Roly Porter joins Tri Angle roster, new album in January

Roly Porter joins Tri Angle roster, new album in January

Now over five years since he broke from the constraints of dubstep and time signatures in general, former Vex’d member Roly Porter has been scrambling a whole heap of minds with his dark, amorphous electronic collages. His next attack on sonic conventions will be aided and abetted by Tri Angle Records, a move that makes complete sense in hindsight. Porter’s Tri Angle debut is called Third Law and is out January 22, 2016.

If that feels like a long time to wait, then don’t fret, because the first track from Third Law “4101” has just been released. By the time you manage to wrap your head around its discombobulating soundscapery, it’ll be mid-January.

Pre-order Third Law, and check out its tracklist here:

01. 4101
02. In System
03. Mass
04. Blind Blackening
05. High Places
06. In Flight
07. Departure Stage
08. Known Space

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