Roy Harper emerges from longest nap ever to release first new album in 13 years, finally lets his roommate in to take a shower

Roy Harper emerges from longest nap ever to release first new album in 13 years, finally lets his roommate in to take a shower

After releasing The Green Man back in 2000, legendary English folk-rock musician Roy Harper was super tired (working with heavyweights like Kate Bush and David Gilmour throughout your career can really tucker a guy out). Though Harper is perhaps best known for 1971’s Stormcock, he’s been hard at work for 47 years recording over 20 full-lengths. Until that fateful day back in 2000 when he was last seen on his way home to take a quick nap, the guy had taken zero naps. Zero! Understandably, his “quick nap” turned into the “longest recorded period of continuous sleep in history,” and was only broken early this year. Upon waking, Harper took to AOL Instant Messenger wishing to tell his friends of his “epic” nap, but found no one online because it is 2013.

After finally unlocking the front door to his apartment and letting in his roommate (who had been unable to shower or change clothes for the entirety of the nap), Harper got in touch with the fine folks at Bella Union with an idea for a new album. You see, as his nap had begun its final years, Harper entered a lucid dreaming state in which he could comfortably compose the songs for the new album, Man and Myth. The album is out September 23 via Bella Union, and will find Harper playing a few dates in the United Kingdom in support.

Though Harper’s physical presence has been napping for over a decade, his astrally projected aura has been hard at work. Many will recall his 2011 performance in celebration of his 70th birthday, for example. Indeed it was during one of his many projection periods that Harper was inspired to begin working on a new album for when he woke up. He says, “I was inspired to write again around 2009, by many of the younger generation finding me and asking, who are you?” In addition to “Who are you?” Harper has been facing a slew of other questions since awakening. Most of them have been from his roommate and have been variations on “Why didn’t you astrally project up and open the door for me?” and “What even is this stain?”

Man and Myth tracklist:

01. The Enemy
02. Time Is Temporary
03. January Man
04. The Stranger
05. Cloud Cuckooland
06. Heaven Is Here
07. The Exile


08.17.13 - Glanusk, Wales - Green Man Festival
08.18.13 - Devon, UK - Beautiful Days Festival
10.22.13 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall
10.25.13 - Manchester, UK - Bridgewater Hall
10.27.13 - Bristol, UK - Colston Hall

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