Royal Trux reissue Accelerator on Drag City, because it’s their best album

Royal Trux reissue Accelerator on Drag City, because it's their best album

Listen up, everybody! Royal Trux is talking: “We’re Royal Trux and we don’t think that enough of you remember how Good, capital ‘g’ on purpose, our album Accelerator is. Which is a shame, because it is an ass-kicking music machine. If you don’t buy it, then we will be forced to turn our ass-kicking music machine into a regular ass-kicking machine and direct it towards your face.” If I were you, I’d do what I supposedly said they said; these guys are crazy enough to spend an entire recording advance on illegal fireworks!

For the born-too-late and born-too-soon people out there unfamiliar with Accelerator, you might remember that it’s the first record that Royal Trux released after being dropped by Virgin. The record label had been questioning the band’s commercial viability ever since the band’s decision to make a photo of a shit- and puke-filled toilet the album art for their previous LP, Sweet Sixteen. After being dumped, Royal Trux went back home and, in 1998, released Accelerator, the album they had been recording for Virgin but eventually released through Drag City, the home of the band for every day after, and, who just happen to be doing a reissue, available October 9.

Original 1998 Accelerator TV commercial:

Accelerator tracklist:

01. I’m Ready
02. Yellow Kid
03. The Banana Question
04. Another Year
05. Juicy Juicy Juice
06. Liar
07. New Bones
08. Follow the Winner
09. Stevie (For Stevie S)

• Drag City:

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