R.Seiliog announces new LP In Hz, tries to explain what a velcro vortex is

R.Seiliog announces new LP In Hz, tries to explain what a velcro vortex is

Coming from the hustle and bustle of North Wales, musician/producer R.Seilog a.k.a. Robin Edwards has announced his debut LP for the Turnstile label, titled In Hz. Following the psych-leaning forays of the Shuffles EP and Doppler’s krautrock pulse, In Hz skews toward the techno end of the spectrum, while still maintaining a kosmiche feel. It’s minimal, aggressive stuff, but remains innocent and expansive like some early synth pioneers.

Inspired by French composer Pierre Schaeffer’s “Solfège De L’Objet Sonore,” unconventional tunings, and “the alchemy of resonance,” it seems that Edwards has found a way to transmute highbrow taste into a more universal style. His lead single, “Velcro for Vortex,” has all the trappings of a lush techno cut, but finds ways to incorporate gorgeous found sounds and also crafts builds that bleed into noise territory. Basically, if you played this on a dancefloor, people would be able to keep time with the steady rhythm, but they might feel a little odd doing it. In Hz is out December 2, which means it’ll probably get overlooked in the big boys’ year-end lists, so stick some velcro to your vortex and help a Welsh brother out.

In Hz tracklist:

01. Mt. Essa
02. Velcro for Vortex
03. Cymatic Modes
04. Wow Signal
05. Constellation Drip
06. Peripheral Thermal (Left)
07. Peripheral Thermal (Right)
08. Inertia

• R.Seiliog: http://seiliog.com
• Turnstile: http://www.turnstilemusic.net

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