Rui Ho announces hard-hitting new EP on Objects Limited, gets plenty of fluids

Rui Ho announces hard-hitting new EP on Objects Limited, gets plenty of fluids
Photo: Luis Ojima

China-born electronic musician, Rui Ho, has thoroughly acclimated to the music scene in Berlin since moving there a few years ago. But wait, what does acclimating actually entail? Techno is still the genre readily associated with the city, so maybe we should have our mental “SUCCESS” stamps ready whenever a musician relocates and garners an audience for their impossibly innovative take on music’s most popular meter.

Arguably more impressive is the fact that Rui Ho is garnering an audience for a style of electronic music that’s deliberately a confluence of genres and influences. “Deconstructed club” might be the burgeoning umbrella term. You’ve probably seen it around, assuming you’re with it. Rui Ho’s adding a personal touch.

Quick, name your favorite 12th century Chinese poet! Similar to the unintentional China homage that took place alongside the release of her debut EP, Rui Ho cites a popular Chinese folktale as the partial inspiration for her new EP In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日 on Objects Limited.

The story follows a giant named Kua Fu as he chases the sun from east to west, and who attempts to quench his thirst by draining the shit out of the Yellow River and the Wei River. It doesn’t help, and he dies. Ideally, there’s a lesson about personal ambition there.

Likewise, the strings on the track “Wings of Light” alludes to a Chinese influence as well, if you ask me. Listen below, and pre-order the EP, ahead of its August 16 release date, here.

In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日 tracklisting:

01. Wings Of Light
02. Acceleration
03. The Heat
04. Ardour
05. Wings Of Light (HDMIRROR Remix)
06. The Heat (Louis Me Remix)
07. Ardour (Bela Remix)

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