Rush Hour to release EPs by Arp Frique and Population One (and a year-end comp [and a South African dance music comp]) next month

Rush Hour to release EPs by Arp Frique and Population One (and a year-end comp [and a South African dance music comp]) next month

As an idiot human who struggles to heave my stupid, unwilling body out of bed every morning just to basically do nothing anyway, I’m genuinely concerned for the fine folks at Rush Hour Music, because they’ve scheduled a December so inconceivably hectic that, from my perspective, I might as well be writing science-fiction right now.

But as you readers know, we here at TMT only dabble in the most sober of nonfiction, so it’s time for me to fulfill my solemn duty to tell you that Rush Hour has two compilation albums and two brand-spankin’-new EPs on the way throughout December. But my god, when do they sleep?!

First up is Rush Hour’s Best of 2017, which will compile all your favorite Top 40 hits from Arp Frique, Ben & Sadar’s, Senyaka, Ron Trent, Vincent Floyd, N.A.D, The Abstract Eye, and Population One when it drops December 1. How could Rush Hour possibly follow that, you ask? Well, they’re hitting December 5 hard with a C-C-C-COMBO: Pantsula! - The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa, 1988-90 and Dutch disco-head Arp Frique’s new EP, Nos Magia! Lucky for you, Rush Hour’s gonna give you some time to cool off for a bit, but make sure you’re dancefloor-ready by December 20, because that’s the release date for Population One’s remix EP, Hippnotic Culture Remixed, which features new takes on the Detroit producer’s minimalist classic 2LP Hippnotic Culture. (And I’ll be lucky to release just three records next month!)

Check out ALL FOUR albums’ tracklistings and pre-order every last one of these things at Rush Hour’s Bandcamp page — and while you’re at it, stream tracks from Best of 2017 down below. As for me, I’m going back to bed…

Best of 2017 tracklisting:

01. Arp Frique - Nos Magia
02. Ben & Sadar’s - We Are Righteous People
03. Senyaka - Bayanyonyoba
04. Ron Trent - Black Magic Woman
05. Vincent Floyd - Hard To Love
06. Ron Tent - Prescription
07. N.A.D - Transmatting
08. The Abstract Eye - Nobody Else
09. Population One - Lost In Space (Remixed)

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