Russell Haswell announces new LP on Diagonal

Russell Haswell announces new LP on Diagonal

You’ve been getting flabby. I know it. Russell Haswell knows it. Everyone knows it. It’s just what happens when you only workout for 37 minutes once every six months. Your body’s not getting the activity the CDC says it needs, and you’re drooping. I wasn’t going to say anything, because I’m way too polite. But you know Russell, the scoundrel, he feels like it’s partly his fault anyway, what with his somewhat misleading workout/2014 album on Diagonal 37 Minute Workout, and so he’s back with another workout plan-cum-full-length entitled As Sure As Night Follows Day, which is maybe shorthand for its longer title If You Only Workout for 37 Minutes Once Every Six Months You Will Lose the Gains You Made in the Spring As Sure as Night Follows Day.

According to FACT, the LP is out September 19, again via Diagonal. Sonically, Haswell says it came together quickly and pulls from all over his career and sonic memory, ranging from “picnoleptic recollections of grindcore shows,” to “the refracted shades of mega-raves,” to “the conflating toxic texture-memories of early Japanese noise,” and the “incandescent stomp of Mills and Hood in that early 90s phase.” It’s available for pre-order via iTunes and Boomkat right now, and Diagonal has a posh LP edition planned, including a “rubbery” finish sleeve and a special-edition lighter featuring the album art.

“HARDWAX FLASHBACK” from the album is streaming below, and it’ll also be out as an accompanying 12-inch later this year that will also feature reworks of tracks by Autechre, DJ Stingray, and Powell.

As Sure as Night Follows Day tracklist:

01. Oblique Axis
03. Wholly Unaware
04. Champagne Walk
06. Improvisation #1
07. In The Air Today
10. DRIVE (minimal)
11. Heavy Handed Sunset
12. Underwater Electronic Struggle
13. Confirmation Of Our Worst Fears
15. Broken Mantra
16. Extended Industry Knowledge (for OSCAR)
17. Noise Rave

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