Russian producer Regular Citizen preps debut album Sleeping Unique on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? imprint

Russian producer Regular Citizen preps debut album Sleeping Unique on Lorenzo Senni's Presto!? imprint

A literal cleric coined the saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Thus, one might be inclined to consider it a case of unusually particular divine intervention that Lorenzo Senni and Ivan Olegovich (a.k.a. Regular Citizen) happened to correspond amid a notable resemblance in trafficked sounds.

Senni himself coined a term for his own style in “pointillistic trance,” and in listening to Regular Citizen’s debut album — entitled Sleeping Unique and out May 31 on Senni’s Presto!? label — it’s hard not to notice the stabs that aren’t a far cry from the ones also breaking skin on Senni’s old school (2014) album, Superimpositions. The respective stories of the two producers are different enough. Somehow they came up with the same denominator, while Mark Fell and SND look on and nod approvingly in the British shadows.

Concerning Olegovich’s story, official press tells us that he grew up in the Russian port city of Nakhodka, which is in a seemingly unbelievable location between the Koreas and Japan. Olegovich’s experiments with music began as a kid, when his father bought him an old piano, and since that time, stints playing drums in punk bands and DJing locally have ensured something of a well-rounded, let’s say, musical education. Will Regular Citizen’s next album be an evolution of his calmer pointillistic sound?

Stay tuned, but also feel free to pre-order the current one! Guessing it’ll show up here at some pointillistic point in the not-too-distant future.

Sleeping Unique tracklisting:

01. Delicate Intro
02. Callam Auzy the Gabber
03. Conscious Charm
04. Latent Passion
05. Hyper Dense Wind of Pleasure
06. Touching Softness
07. Thirteen
08. Ultramarine Dew
09. Nostalgic Melancholy
10. Innocent Imaginary
11. Nikky Fairy Bard
12. Stardust Shiver

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