Rustie dropping new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE tomorrow

Rustie dropping new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE tomorrow

Just weeks ago, Rustie was in the hospital undergoing treatment for diabetes. But the Scottish producer/snorkeler goes so hard he released a fuckin track while there. And now, following the release of single “First Mythz” earlier this week, Rustie has gone ahead and announced a new album called EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, and it’s dropping TOMORROW.

Check out another track from the album, “Peace Upzzz,” here:

EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, the follow-up to last year’s Green Language, will be out courtesy of Warp. Believe it.


01. Coral Elixrr [feat. Rustie]
02. First Mythz
03. Atlantean Airship
04. 4Eva [feat. Rustie]
05. Big Catzz
06. Peace Upzzz [feat. Rustie]
07. Your Goddezz
08. Coral Castelz
09. What U Mean [feat. Rustie]
10. Morning Starr [feat. Rustie]
11.. Death Bliss
12. New Realm
13. Emerald Tabletz
14. Open Heartzz
15. 444Sure [feat. Rustie]

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