RVNG Intl. announces joint reissue of two Emily A. Sprague albums, liberated and retaining the foliage

RVNG Intl. announces joint reissue of two Emily A. Sprague albums, liberated and retaining the foliage
Photo: Carly Solether

It’s an interesting dichotomy: on the one hand, Emily Sprague readily admits her introversion and prior reticence to artistically collaborate; but on the other, it’s clear that she’s about as disarmed as it gets when it comes to the music that she creates. Readers will arguably know the Los Angeles-based artist best from her position as the lead singer/songwriter in the band, Florist, which continues to folk its way into something resembling a solitary seat by the fireplace.

Meanwhile, Sprague has been seriously dissecting the intricacies of the modular synth, because that’s basically the only thing that you can do when you’re creative and you find the instrumental equivalent of your power animal. She’s attracted to both its “blank slate” nature and the fact that she can easily tap into her intuitive inclinations via the various patches. This is Sprague truly unadulterated!

RVNG Intl. apparently recognizes the appeal of Sprague at her most Sprague, which is why they’ve just announced a joint reissue of her previously self-released albums Water Memory (2017) and Mount Vision (2018). There’s clearly an appeal to nature with these releases (not to mention the video for the track, “Your Pond,” directed by Sprague, which you watch below), and that’s “naturally” (har har har) complemented by the genre in which the music resides. Ambient music is the secular yet spiritual cousin of gospel, after all.

Anyway, pre-order Water Memory / Mount Vision ahead of its May 24 release here.

Water Memory / Mount Vision tracklisting:

01. Water Memory Poem
02. A Lake
03. Water Memory 1
04. Water Memory 2
05. Dock
06. Your Pond
07. Mount Vision Poem
08. Synth 1
09. Piano 1
10. Synth 2
11. Huckleberry
12. Synth 3
13. Piano 2 [Mount Vision]

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