SadGirl share new single off upcoming debut album Water via Suicide Squeeze

SadGirl share new single off upcoming debut album Water via Suicide Squeeze
Photo: James Michael Juarez

“Miss me with that bullshit,” reads the stitching on an impossibly-long poodle skirt. Here at the SadGirl sock hop, fractal patterns manifest in strawberry malts while the checkered tile floor suggests something more harrowing than 1950s kitsch.

“Miss Me” is the Californian trio’s second single from their debut Water LP, out next month via Suicide Squeeze. It’s a loosely conceptual record about Los Angeles’ rise to metropolitan prominence and the inkling of looming tragedy that has always seemed to undercut it all.

Earthquakes and wildfires threaten to punish oceanfront dwellers and residents of hillside mansions for their pride. West Coast dreams go unrealized. SadGirl’s songcraft attempts to bring the Promethean jadedness of the 21st century back in time to the boomers. Ever see that Twilight Zone episode about the folly of re-visiting the ice cream sodas and fairgrounds of one’s childhood? I get that same parallel sense of nostalgia and dream from “Miss Me.”

“This song is about realizing someone close to you isn’t the person you thought you knew and kind of coming to terms with the fact that they may never share the same values as you,” says vocalist Misha Lindes. “Getting to that point where you decide that it’s no longer worth the effort and it’s better to walk away with what’s important to you still in tact.”

Pre-order Water ahead of its June 14 release date right here, and get intimately acquainted with “Miss Me” right now down below:

Water tracklisting:

01. The Ocean
02. Chlorine
03. Hazelnut Coffee
04. Miss Me
05. Breakfast for 2
06. Little Queenie
07. Mulholland
08. Strange Love
09. Avalon
10. Water

SadGirl live:

05.18.19 - Elm Street Festival - Dallas, TX
05.24.19 - Holland Project - Reno, NV
05.25.19 - ORMF - Davis, CA
05.26.19 - Slims - San Francisco, CA
07.11.19 - Teragram Ballroom - Los Angeles, CA

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