Sarah Davachi unveils new piano-driven album Pale Bloom, shares “Perfumes III”

Sarah Davachi unveils new piano-driven album Pale Bloom, shares "Perfumes III"
Photo: Dicky Bahto

Well, if this bit of news doesn’t get you off your feet, hootin’ and hollerin’ wherever you are, then what will?! Sarah Davachi, the stalwart composer whose catalog dives deep into analog synth, modern classical, and minimalism, is officially back! After a 2018 that saw her release two excellent albums — Gave In Rest and Let Night Come On Bells End The Day (#34 on our year-end favorites list) — as well as tour throughout the US and Europe, the Los Angeles-based composer is set to release her latest album, the piano-driven Pale Bloom, via Superior Viaduct imprint W.25TH.

From the label: “After abandoning the piano studies of her youth for a series of albums utilizing everything from pipe and reed organs to analog synthesizers, this prolific Los Angeles-based composer returns to her first instrument for a radiant work of quiet minimalism and poetic rumination.”

We have “Perfumes III” streaming below, and it’s everything you could want from Sarah Davachi: enveloping organ notes that permeate like a thick fog rolling in and delicate, carefully considered piano strikes slowly unfolding over six minutes.

Pale Bloom is out May 31, with pre-orders up and ready.

Pale Bloom tracklisting:

01. Perfumes I
02. Perfumes II
03. Perfumes III
04. If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery

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