Satoshi Ashikawa’s ambient 1982 LP Still Way being reissued by WRWTFWW Records

Satoshi Ashikawa's ambient 1982 LP Still Way being reissued by WRWTFWW Records

Like Troy Aikman in those commercials a few years back, we all like to claim that we don’t dwell on the past — some of us militantly so — when in fact we LOVE dwelling on the past. But what the critics of the reissue-industrial-complex don’t understand is that we can live in harmony with old and new releases, with your musical tastes forming a sort of yin and yang that pulls from both.

Case in point: Geneva, Switzerland label WRWTFWW Records is bringing Satoshi Ashikawa’s ambient album Still Way back from the out-of-print ether for the first time on vinyl since its 1982 release, as reported by The Vinyl Factory. Originally released in the wave notation series that included Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Music For Nine Postcards, Still Way mines similar calming ambient tones well-suited for relaxing yoga sessions, herbal tea on a Sunday afternoon, or when you’re puttering around on a Sunday afternoon writing TMT posts.

The digital and vinyl editions are up for pre-order ahead of the August 16 release date. Stream “Image Under The Tree” below.

Still Way tracklisting:

01. Prelude
02. Landscape of Wheels
03. Still Park – Ensemble
04. Still Park – Piano Solo
05. Still Sky
06. Image Under The Tree

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