Schiev Festival in Brussels to feature Klara Lewis, TCF, KABLAM, and more

Schiev Festival in Brussels to feature Klara Lewis, TCF, KABLAM, and more

Naturally, it’s the job of a music festival’s marketing team to hype up the event as much as possible, but don’t you ever get tired of the annual emails hyperbolically announcing “waves” of artists in a manner that presupposes an impending religious experience? Either that or the press release subtly suggests an actual ability to see “100+ artists!” during the span of the festival, when everyone knows the set times of your desired performances frequently conflict with one another, or that there’s a reliable chance you’ll be too busy tripping within the smelly confines of a Honey Bucket to enjoy the breadth of the festival’s offerings. A systematic tempering of crazy expectations should perhaps be in order, and with the upcoming Schiev Festival in Brussels, the partial goal is to do just that. Schiev a.k.a. “a simple music festival.”

Schiev (pronounced “skiv” and that means “crooked” or “distorted” in Brussels slang) is one of the 16 European festivals participating in the artist platform (and TMT partner) SHAPE this year, and come November 11-13, attendees will have the chance to witness showcases from more than 20 Belgian record labels and to attend performances from a variety of international artists, including Klara Lewis, KABLAM, TCF, Yves De Mey, Jackson and His Computer Band, and more. The stated goal of the festival is to highlight these projects in an “easy-going and relaxed atmosphere.”

Schiev’s simple music festival website is already giving my mind a load off. Tickets are astonishingly cheap, if you ask me, and here’s the full lineup.

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