Sedcairn Archives announces new album OOBYDOOB, premieres video for lead single

Sedcairn Archives announces new album OOBYDOOB, premieres video for lead single

I used to sell my used jamz to Mr. David Adamson a.k.a. Sedcairn Archives in Indiana. He would lord over me behind his mighty record counter, waxing poetically about art and music. Or else, you know, be quiet and reserved and inside his own head. Which seems like a rad place, because have you heard Sedcairn Archives? Oh, you slept on Mammoth Cave two years ago? Okay, okay, mistakes happen. But don’t make the same mistake twice by sleeping on his new album, OOBYDOOB.

For a taste of what Sedcairn Archives is capable of, watch the new video for “I’ma Ned Hed,” which we have the pleasure of premiering below. Among abandoned event halls and solitudinal cricks (no one in Indiana can even pronounce the word “creek”), he’s gone from the vast network of underground caves to the great wide open expanses of humankind and nature. “I’ma Ned Hed” is his gigantic billboard, seemingly lit up with records absorbed by his time at the store, the melodies once trapped in his skull now projected on OOBYDOOB. The world finally gets to actually hear Indiana, not just experience it through transcripts and editorials. And David, for all his love, peace, and zen, is the best representation of Indiana I can think of.

Set your alarms for November 11, when OOBYDOOB wakes and bakes from the masterminding ladies and gents behind Joyful Noise Recordings. No need to keep this good stuff on the down-low.

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