Shackleton announces debut album as Tunes Of Negation, promises to simultaneously win/lose you over

Shackleton announces debut album as Tunes Of Negation, promises to simultaneously win/lose you over

Next up for the increasingly out-there Shackleton: a change in pseudonyms to arguably reflect just how far he’s deviated from the tunes that initially landed him a spot on various dubstep (pre-American bastardization) compilations.

The British producer and label foreman is releasing his first album as Tunes Of Negation on October 17, and serving as a possible reflection of that name, Reach The Endless Sea reportedly minimizes the rhythmic freneticism for which Shackleton has previously gotten a good amount of recognition. Now, “the sacral austerity of the music is paralleled by its sheer, seductive, harmonic power,” and whether one chooses to harness that power depends entirely on one’s ability when it comes to infinity gauntlet-building. You can’t just expect the Endless Sea-stone to work independently, you know.

Moreover, “Reach the Endless Sea” isn’t just the name of an album. It’s inspired by a poem from “13th Century mystic” Jalalu’l-Din Rumi, and it’s also a commentary on Shackleton’s compositional philosophy. He wants to musically “aid transmutation and enter into the light,” and on this particular album, vibraphonist Raphael Meinhart and keyboardist Takumi Motokawa are both there beckoning with their hands. Heather Leigh also guest stars as an archangel of some sort on the first two tracks.

In other words, shit’s getting weird/spiritual. Pre-order the album via Boomkat here (courtesy of label Cosmo Rhythmatic), just as soon as those weird spirits materialize. And listen to “Nowhere Ending Sky” from the album below, why don’t you?

Reach The Endless Sea tracklisting:

01. The World Is A Stage / Reach The Endless Sea
02. Tundra Erotic
03. Nowhere Ending Sky
04. Rückschlag / Rising, then Resonant
05. The Time Has Come

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