Jackson MacIntosh (Sheer Agony, TOPS) announces solo album My Dark Side, premieres second single “Can It Be Love?”

Jackson MacIntosh (Sheer Agony, TOPS) announces solo album My Dark Side, premieres second single "Can It Be Love?"
Jackson MacIntosh being dark in the dark

Everyone’s got a dark side. Some people’s are just a hell of a lot more chill than others.

Jackson MacIntosh, one of the hardest-working players to come out of Montreal’s indie scene in recent years, has announced the release of a new solo album. After fronting the beloved power-pop outfit Sheer Agony, producing two records for Homeshake, and touring the world over as a bassist with fellow popsters TOPS, MacIntosh will come out with My Dark Side on March 2 via Captured Tracks sister label Sinderlyn.

To prep us for what to expect, MacIntosh has just shared the second — and super-dooper chill — single off the album. Entitled “Can It Be Love,” the track is an enchanting, dainty piece of sophisti-pop, going to poetic lengths to skillfully take on an old songwriting archetype. MacIntosh tells it best himself:

“Can It Be Love?” was the last song written for the record. I was listening to Timelord by Momus a lot at the time and it influenced the sonic palette and lackadaisical vocal delivery. I was also feeling like a bit of a timelord myself. I’d just moved back to Montreal from LA and the lyrics bemoan traveling all the time when you’d rather be with someone you care about. A classic musician’s dilemma, a classic songwriting subject (see: most of Hejira by Joni Mitchell). You’re hoping you’ve fallen in love, but you’re not around to find out. If your phone still works, I’ll call you and we’ll talk about it.

Pre-order My Dark Side through Bandcamp, listen to “Can It Be Love” below, and don’t you dare miss the album’s tracklist, also located below.

My Dark Side tracklist:

01. Can It Be Love
02. Lulu
03. In The Grass
04. I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To
05. My Dark Side
06. Peter Pan
07. Pretty Clear (feat. Elise Barbara)
08. Quotation
09. Can’t Stop Holding
10. When To Turn The Lights Back On

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