Shelter Press to release LP from Christina Vantzou & Forma’s John Also Bennett, scoring Zin Taylor wall drawing

Shelter Press to release LP from Christina Vantzou & Forma’s John Also Bennett, scoring Zin Taylor wall drawing

Multimedia art is coming back big in 2018, baby! Case in point: Kranky-signed ambient-maker Christina Vantzou is teaming up with John Also Bennett of Forma for a collaborative album inspired by and composed for a wall drawing by Paris-based artist Zin Taylor. The LP bears the evocative title Thoughts of a Dot As It Travels a Surface and it’s out February 15 via Shelter Press.

But how did such an bold, daring, and downright left-field project come to fruition, you ask? Lucky for you, we’ve been provided with 100% PR-approved behind-the-scenes copy to help us figure out this whole “context” thing:

Upon completion of a particularly ambitious 90-meter panoramic wall drawing, experimental composers Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett were invited to interpret the work as a musical graphic score. The result was a forty minute live performance in two parts, which was multi-track recorded and then mixed down into a 10-track album. Each piece and title corresponds to a specific section or object in the wall drawing.

As I say on a daily basis: please remember to always make sure you support your favorite visual artists by buying the graphic scores to their works. (Don’t just stream them, you utter heathens!)

But wait, you didn’t think I’d let you leave without some bonus details, did you?! For instance, did you know that you can stream a track from this very album titled “Fingers of Thought” right now? And not only that, but it’s embedded below for your (yes, your) convenience?! Or that just below that I’ve helpfully listed the album’s tracklisting?! Or that, if you’re intrigued by that information, you can pre-order the record using this link, in beautiful hyperlink blue?! The album comes on clear purple vinyl, people!

Once you’ve reviewed all that information, you have my permission to leave, but only if, every time you see a dot travelling a surface today, you take the time to consider its thoughts. After all, that’s all Zin, Christina, and John have ever asked of you!

Thoughts of a Dot As It Travels a Surface tracklisting:

01. Cactus with Vent
02. Hot Tub
03. Large Suess Plant
04. Tombstones
05. Brick With Modern Form (B. Hepworth)
06. Alfred Hitchcock Haze
07. Rock House with Door
08. String of Objects with Planter
09. Nub with Three Wraps of Fabric
10. Fingers of Thought

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