Shore announce debut EP, A Hundred Times, on Mister Saturday Night

Shore announce debut EP, A Hundred Times, on Mister Saturday Night
Photo: Sal Mcintyre

Equal parts weekend-fever house and Wednesday-at-MoMA minimalism, A Hundred Times is the groove-packed debut EP from Shore. A composer and professional vibraphonist, Will Shore plays in lofts, while people lie on the hard wood and stare at the ceiling. Somewhere in the back of a mind, an ancient phasing technique touches a modern social dance. DJs with jazz chops aren’t easy to come by, but there’s something undeniably sexy about combining the primal energy of a live riff surfing on top of a steady beat that keeps your heart rate high and dry.

Shore was a “discovery”, I guess you could say. And A Hundred Times is being released by the intrepid party scouts Mister Saturday Night, an NYC events crew dedicated to the spirit of urban dance and its wax-lathed cultural counterpoint (most of their upcoming events are on a Sunday, so be sure to drink plenty of water if you have work the next day!). You can stream the fabulous title track, “A Hundred Times”, on their Soundcloud, and pre-order the record from Mister Saturday Night’s webstore.

A Hundred Times tracklisting:

01. A Hundred Times
02. The Translator
03. Components

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