Shrimper’s Dennis Callaci announces debut solo album, premieres “Houdini”

Shrimper's Dennis Callaci announces debut solo album, premieres "Houdini"

Although Dennis Callaci has spent his last quarter century recording and releasing an impressive amount of music — both as a member of legendary Omaha band Refrigerator and as founder of the immortal record label Shrimper — he has, surprisingly, never put out a formal “Dennis Callaci solo album.” Don’t worry, though, because this changes with the release of A Bed of Light next month.

Featuring session work from Omaha godfather Simon Joyner and his backing band, as well as co-production from Jarvis Taveniere (of Woods, Meneguar, and producer for Martin Courtenay/Quilt/every other band), A Bed of Light is a platter of excellently shaggy, strings-and-distortion-embellished guitar songs beamed from the precise, shambling constellation one might expect a Shrimper/Woodsist team-up to form. It sounds pretty much just as comforting as when the weather starts to get cold and you can finally grab that one lumpy green sweater out of the drawer again; if that sounds nice to you, then you are in luck.

Today, TMT happily premieres album cut “Houdini.” Callaci illuminates:

Houdini is one of the songs on the record recorded by Jarvis in my dining room featuring Simon Joyner, his entire band as well as Kevin Morby on backup vocals. The sliding door & cups of coffee on the formica table were shaking when we cut this one & the neighbors that lived next to me have moved since this was cut. An upbeat song musically & lyrically albeit wrapped in barbed wiring on both fronts.

Watch the video for “Houdini” below. Callaci will be playing shows this fall, probably around the time A Bed of Light materializes on September 9 via Shrimper, so prepare yourself. Pre-order the album here.

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