Sicko Mobb to release Super Saiyan Vol. 3

Sicko Mobb to release Super Saiyan Vol. 3

Sicko Mobb, featuring Chicago bop’s most renowned and (let’s face it) best artists, released two incredible mixtapes last year, Mulah and Super Saiyan Vol. 2, the latter of which placed at #13 on our year-end list and also included one of our favorite songs of the year. So it is with an extreme, auto-tuned giddiness that we announce the impending arrival of Super Saiyan Vol. 3, which will be out February 1.

News of the third installment was hinted at in mid-December with the drop of “Expensive Taste,” a track that saw Lil Trav and Lil Ceno collaborating with Jeremih. The release date for the mixtape was confirmed recently via Twitter and Instagram.

Check out “Expensive Taste” below, and look for Super Saiyan Vol. 3 next Monday. No word yet on their “official debut,” but fuck it: these mixtapes are too incredible to worry about that.

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