Sigur Rós announce European tour. Good luck to you.

Sigur Rós announce European tour. Good luck to you.

Sigur Rós are going on a European tour in September and October of this year. Sigur Rós have not played at some places in Europe for a very long time. Sigur Rós will be performing “An Evening with Sigur Rós,” which means that there will be no opener. Sigur Rós will probably put on a good enough show that you will not wish you had seen another band. Sigur Rós will play two sets each evening, and the sets will be divided up by an intermission. You will not miss the opening band, because when you go see them, you will feel good and will not wish to have seen another band.

Sigur Rós’ music tends to fall into three categories: sad, happy, and angry. ( ) and the underrated Valtari are sad. Takk… is mostly happy but occasionally melancholy, but it is a happy kind of melancholy. Kveikur is angrier and that seems good because a lot of people in the world are angry right now. If they play a lot of songs from Kveikur, people will connect with it and they will feel happy. It is weird how music works. Sigur Rós will probably also play music from their next album, which is unreleased, so you will not know any of the songs when you hear them, except maybe this one.

The presale for the tour starts at 9 AM local time, on Febuary 1. If you sign up on the website, you’ll receive a password in order to order tickets, possibly before other people who do not have the password. That will give you an advantage. This is the link I just wrote about. They will play in many places, like Manchester, London, Glasgow, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Groningen, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Frankfurt, Vienna, Milan, and Zürich.

Good luck to you.

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