Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi announces triple album of music from the early 2000s

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi announces triple album of music from the early 2000s
Jónsi lookin' all 2004-ish (photo: Doug Aitken)

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi has been plenty busy outside of his main gig. In addition to his solo debut — 2010’s Go — and his ongoing ambient project Riceboy Sleeps with partner Alex Somers, Jón Þór Birgisson first ventured outside of the Icelandic post-rockers with home recordings as Frakkur. “Working on his own, either at home in Reykjavík, in hotel rooms on tour, or later at his boyfriend’s house in Boston, Jónsi spent endless hours diving into then-new bits of equipment and software, having fun and seeing how far he could push things outside the bounds of his day job in Sigur Rós.”

Frakkur, 2000-2004 brings together a triple album’s worth of material that “was thought lost, since Jónsi’s unbacked-up hard-drive eventually corrupted.” Thanks to some intrepid friends, who had burned copies of the songs, Jonsi is presenting a fully mastered, 24 track album. From the sample below, Frakkur brings out an intimate, playful side of the angelic voiced Icelander. Pre-orders are up now, in anticipation of its November 23 digital release.

Frakkur, 2000-2004 tracklisting:

01. SFTLB1
02. SFTLB2
03. SFTLB3
04. SFTLB4
05. SFTLB5
06. SFTLB6
07. SFTLB7
08. SFTLB8
09. SFTLB9
10. TB1
11. TB2
12. TB3
13. TB4
14. TB5
15. TB6
16. TB7
17. TB8
18. PP1
19. PP2
20. PP3
21. PP4
22. PP5
23. PP6
24. PP7

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