Silkworm’s Libertine to be reissued by Comedy Minus One; The Church of the Most Holy WRM seeks new acolytes

Silkworm's Libertine to be reissued by Comedy Minus One; The Church of the Most Holy WRM seeks new acolytes


PRE-SERVICE MUISC: Selections from 1994’s Libertine, organist A. Cohen

WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: Brothers and sisters in the WRM, we are pleased to welcome you on this beautiful morning for worship. We have a truly encouraging announcement this morning: Comedy Minus One has announced that they will be reissuing Silkworm’s 1994 classic Libertine. The release, which will be available this fall, will feature new artwork, re-mastered audio by Bob Weston, and new liner notes written by the most-honored prophet himself, Tim Midgett. Your holy duty unto the WRM of pre-ordering the album can be completed at Comedy Minus One until June 11. So that each might worship in his or her own way, three different pre-ordering packages are available. They variously include t-shirts, bonus live recordings, and photographs of the group taken by Mike Hoffman Jr. All packages arrive as a double LP, and feature an additional compact disc containing songs from The Marco Collins Sessions as well as two additional recordings from the band’s time at Pachyderm Studio.

LEADER: The WRM is risen!
PEOPLE: The WRM is risen indeed!
LEADER: Alleluia! Celebrate Silkworm in this sacred place! Celebrate them as the single greatest rock group of all eternity in this sacred place!
PEOPLE: Give praise for the WRM’s mighty deeds! Give praise for Comedy Minus One’s most holy reissuing powers!
LEADER: Naysayers shall be cast out, to weep and gnash upon their teeth outside the most shining glory of the WRM!
PEOPLE: Those that make lazy Pavement comparisons shall be trod upon by our strident worship. Let our voices be heard to rise up in service of our musical prophets!

HYMN OF PRAISE: A live version of “Grotto of Miracles.”

PRAYER OF CONFESSION: We confess, we have not evangelized aggressively for the WRM. At bus stops and restaurants, theme parks and children’s birthday parties, we have been seen to remain silent. We know that all must hear the good news, but sometimes we remain silent because we fear that our knowledge is incomplete. We know, oh WRM, that we can supplement our knowledge through our requisite weekly viewing of the recently released documentary on the band, Couldn’t You Wait.

HOLY READING: From the Book of Albini, chapter 18, verse 3: “Very few bands make even one great album. Silkworm made several, and this [Libertine] is the first.” Congregation, we must recall that the Book of Albini, while immensely useful in our worship of the most holy WRM, is not entirely infallible. Albini apparently does not realize that Libertine’s predecessor In the West is mad slept on.


01. There Is a Party in Warsaw Tonight
02. Grotto Of Miracles
03. Cotton Girl
04. Yen + Janet Forever
05. Oh How We Laughed
06. The Cigarette Lighters
07. Couldn’t You Wait?
08. A Tunnel
09. Written on the Wind
10. Wild in My Day
11. Bloody Eyes


12. Insider
13. Grotto of Miracles
14. Couldn’t You Wait? *
15. Scruffy Tumor *
16. Cotton Girl *
17. Raised by Tigers *

* Marco Collins Sessions

CLOSING HYMN: “Couldn’t You Wait”

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