Silver Apples and Lazy Smoke albums reissued by Jackpot Records

Silver Apples and Lazy Smoke albums reissued by Jackpot Records

Can a record really change your life? If it’s a Silver Apples record, it probably can. Especially if it’s a limited reissue of the duo’s 1968 self-titled debut available on color vinyl! Imagine the sensations you’ll experience as you watch this spinning, rainbow-hued disc emit the eternally weird, pulsing beats, and early synthesizer howls of this formative group from your very own record player. Jackpot Records is doin’ it for ya, folks, on June 17.

A huge influence on Suicide, Stereolab, and anyone else with any level of amazingness, Silver Apples were formed in 1967 by drum man Dan Taylor and synth wizard Simeon, whose homemade synth featured 12 oscillators, radio parts, telegraph keys, lab gear, and a lot of what basically sounds like actual garbage. You can revel in the glory of the band’s “Oscillations” when you visit the Jackpot Records site.

Also of interest to weirdo music fans is Jackpot’s coming reissue of a release by Lazy Smoke, a little-known Massachusetts psych-pop group, called Corridor of Faces. Culled from 1968 demo recordings, this release is limited to 500.

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