Silver Jews reform and record new material… or not?

Silver Jews reform and record new material... or not?

Here’s a little mystery for you to unpack.

On January 7, 2015, one Bob Nastanovich (Silver Jews, Pavement) posted on his Facebook page a photo depicting himself sitting on a couch with reclusive Silver Jews mastermind David Berman and Silver Jews drummer Brian Kotzur. He captioned it thusly: “After Jews practice tonight!!!”.

The next day, Nastanovich went into print with Wondering Sound confirming that Silver Jews had reunited and had already recorded two new songs called “The Veranda over the Toy Shoppe” and “Wacky Package Eyes.”

Seems legit right? Legit enough for Pitchfork to get on board and send the indienet into a flutter. Multiple rainbows filled the sky for the news was good and visions of joyous Silver Jews sounds filling ear holes again were upon us.

Next comes the collective crushing of thousands of indie hearts when Nashville Cream tapped Berman himself to confirm the news.

Instead, Berman explained that “Bob [Nastanovich] pulled a prank… [he] tried to scotch my J.D Salinger setup!”

So who are we to believe? It’s a real mystery. Is Nastanovich a liar or is Berman simply putting the media hounds off his scent as he hones his next masterpiece? Or both? Or neither?

Anyway, while you stew on this pithy little conundrum, fill your ears with the only recorded output of Berman since he disbanded Silver Jews in 2009, which is a spoken word accompaniment to the equally evasive Avalanches who have been noncommittal about their own recordings for over a decade now.

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