SINGER Plan Lengthy Spring Jaunt; Robert Lowe Releases Gyromancy

Drag City quartet SINGER has mapped out an unusually busy spring tour to promote the release of last month's gloriously mouthy Unhistories. The LP, a clear mishmash of four able-bodied young musical minds, relies heavily on the vocal ranges of its members rather than their unique powers of instrumentation. The group is also ably backed by the ferociously talented Todd Rittman (U.S. Maple), so the instrumentation aspect of the LP does anything but whimper in the corner. It's not entirely clear how long SINGER plan on staying around, but you'll have plenty of opportunities to see if the new relationship is fruitful.

SINGER's founding member Robert AA Lowe (Lichens, 90 Day Men) has also recently released a new LP entitled Gyromancy (Thrill Jockey) with Rose Lazar, a book/3-inch CD bundle in the tradition of Daniel AIU Higgs' Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot. Thrill Jockey gushes: "Gyromancy looks at future past, neo antiquity, ritual magic, and patterning. The book represents a dream walk through nature and all of its influences. Repetition of imagery keeps you aware of the cyclical patterns that nature presents us with. We get caught up in these patterns without noticing them, to the point that you have to stop and take a harder look. Gyromancy is an attempt at taking a harder look."

You can purchase Gyromancy here, or spend $2 more to get a hand-crafted, limited-to-100 edition here.

Tour Galore:

* Enon

& Cloudland Canyon

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