Sir Richard Bishop carries on his love affair with guitars on Tangier Sessions via Drag City

Sir Richard Bishop carries on his love affair with guitars on Tangier Sessions via Drag City

Sir Richard Bishop loves guitars. That fact should be self evident by the 30-plus-year career he’s forged propelling himself around the world with nothing but six strings strapped to a piece of wood as his wingman as he kicks out various jams.

Sir Richard’s forthcoming album Tangier Sessions, which Drag City will soon be foisting into the air and hoping that it flies gleefully into the atmosphere like a pair of white doves, takes the love story between man and guitar to new levels.

The tale we are told is that in the course of his global wanderings, Sir Richard found himself in a luthier shop in Geneva, where he was introduced to an acoustic guitar that is probably over 100 years old, and from the moment the two met, the room went misty at the edges and “Dreamweaver” started playing from some unknown sound source. After two more meetings, Sir Richard mustered up the francs to purchase the object of his desires and the two escaped for a honeymoon in Tangier, Morocco.

While the said honeymoon probably didn’t involve displays of object sexuality (cause Sir Richard’s a classy kind of guy), it most definitely did yield seven tracks of sublime improvised recordings of man, guitar, and the magic of that union in the balmy Tangier night air. Listen to SRB talk guitars here:

Bow chicka waa waa indeed. You can gain a creepy voyeuristic view of this love session on cassette, vinyl, and CD via Drag City on February 17, or get yourself in the mood via this preview of lead track “Frontier”:

Tangier Sessions tracklist:

01. Frontier
02. Bound in Morocco
03. Safe House
04. Hadija
05. Mirage
06. International Zone
07. Let It Come Down

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