Skrillex to score Harmony Korine’s next film Spring Breakers :D :D :D

Skrillex to score Harmony Korine's next film Spring Breakers :D :D :D

Harmony Korine wrapped production on the follow-up to his perfect 2010 film Trash Humpers eight weeks ago in St. Petersburg, Florida, and while the news that the main cast would be Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Heather Morris, James Franco, and Gucci Mane made a lot of us at TMT excited (especially the ones who’ve been posting graphic Disney fan fiction to our private message board), it wasn’t something we were really going to report on. However, once we heard that Skrillex (Prince’s successor) would be providing an original score to the film — titled Spring Breakers and set for international release in 2013 — we had to let everyone know. FAST.

True, we couldn’t come to enough of a critical consensus about Skeevy Sprites and Mailer Daemons to secure it a spot on our year-end list, but to calm the more vocal supporters we added a peel-down Skrillex ad on our front page for a while, which ended up getting nothing but positive feedback. Helping pimp/flesh out Spring Breakers’ score is Cliff Martinez (of Drive fame) and Randall Poster (of supervising-Wes-Anderson fame), who have helped integrate Skrillex’s “swordfish beatz” into the film, which tells the story of four wild college girls who are trying to get wilder on Spring Break and get super-wild when they run into James Franco playing a white rapper named “Alien.” Spring Breakers is currently being edited in Los Angeles, and no I don’t have a joke about a “drop.”

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