The Skygreen Leopards to release archival album The Jingling World of the Skygreen Leopards on Soft Abuse, share track “I Fell Asleep in the Sunbleached Grass”

The Skygreen Leopards to release archival album The Jingling World of the Skygreen Leopards on Soft Abuse, share track "I Fell Asleep in the Sunbleached Grass"

The night desk. It’s a lonely job. I was once rogue, causing a ruckus and innumerable property damage in the Cerberus division. But the Chief knocked me back down to a desk jockey; a mule for only the hardest of news. My eyes are red from the glaring desk lamp. I’m tired. I never see my family anymore. I’m itching to go back undercover, underground. But then a strange, interesting cold case came across my desk.

It was labeled The Jingling World of The Skygreen Leopards. I came to attention and recalled my previous run-ins with Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn. It was a different time — 2001 was a momentous and wondrous time for The Skygreen Leopards. Two kids testing out the limits of sound while also testing out the limits of time. The case was clear: I could see the band’s first two CDRs materializing in the back of my mind. Now Donaldson was giving us a big clue via Soft Abuse by packaging those wonderful early Skygreen Leopards CDRs into one handy, pre-order-able LP (also available digitally) on June 22.

The first clue the dossier gave me was a sweet taste of “I Feel Asleep in the Sunbleached Grass.” It’s warming jangle leading me to the evidence room to dig out my old Jeweled Antler pieces. I was going to crack this case if it was the last thing I did. Then a musical informant told me Donaldson and Quinn were emerging from hiding, even going so far as to perform in public with Frog Eyes and Hello, Blue Roses. I knew I had to unshackle myself from this desk and get the real information. I marked the dates and venues down, and I bolted down to my Mustang fastback and raced on a path to reunite with Donaldson and Quinn.

The Jingling World of The Skygreen Leopards tracklisting

01. The Stars Go To Sleep
02. I Dreamt She Rode on a Pink Gazelle
03. I Fell Asleep In The Sunbleached Grass (I’ll Just Pass Away)
04. Mascara Priscilla (Things Get Better)
05. Yellow is the Color of Bees
06. Leopard Wings
07. Peppermint Annie
08. Your Face is Modern Art
09. Wild Bird Songs
10. The Jingling World (The Skygreen Leopards Love You)
11. Eqyptian Circus (Gods of Bantams)
12. Conversations with Mirrors
13. Pinwheels & Circles
14. Hurray for the Beast
15. Soft Dark Birds
16. Sally Orchid I Can’t Help You
17. She Wears a Rainbow Sunday Mornings
18. Josephine I’ve Seen
19. Greenmarsh Tiger
20. Roman Orchards, Part 2
21. Is It Love, Love, Love (Is It)
22. More Fabulous Animals
23. I Don’t Live for Today (I Don’t Know My Name)
24. Roman Orchards

Upcoming tour dates:

07.03.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Morrocan Lounge
07.05.18 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill

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