Slava to release debut LP Raw Solutions on Software, fans slavavating in anticipation

Slava to release debut LP Raw Solutions on Software, fans slavavating in anticipation

By now, Daniel Lopatin’s Software imprint should exist firmly within the minds of anyone who appreciates experimental electronic music — from Williamsburg, NY to Williamsburg, VA, the home of Busch Gardens. From the socially-minded streets of Los Angeles, to the socially-disinclined streets of, well, probably any town in Norway, for example. And finally, most relevantly, to the downtrodden alleyways of Moscow, where… actually, come to think of it, I’m completely unaware of the daily goings-on in Moscow, as well as in Russia at large. The North American bubble, helped along by an insurmountable (in my case) language barrier, underpins stereotypes of a cold, depressing, and culturally-isolated place. Do they even listen to music there!? Are they aware of Lopatin’s Software successes?

Here’s the segue: Moscow-born, previously Chicago-based, electronic producer Slava will be releasing his debut LP Raw Solutions via Software on April 23. Following up on his Soft Control EP released about a year ago, the new album exudes a variety of genre influences, though with an appreciable nod (unsurprising, given his recent city of residence) toward hypnotic footwork rhythms. In keeping with the album’s title, and according to FACT, the entire thing was recorded in single takes using a Korg Electribe ESX. Listen to a track below.

Raw Solutions tracklisting:

01. werk
02. girl like me
03. heartbroken
04. i know
05. girls on dick
06. wait
07. on it
08. hold on
09. crazy bout u
10. how u get that
11. doit
12. wit u

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