Sleep announce 4xLP live album via Third Man Records (with some Jack White-ish subscriptive caveats)

Sleep announce 4xLP live album via Third Man Records (with some Jack White-ish subscriptive caveats)

Even though it’s technically accurate to call The Sciences Sleep’s comeback album, let’s not act like the trio from San Jose played it entirely dormant in the years preceding the LP’s release in April of last year. First, they performed at an ATP event in 2010. And then, in 2012 — roughly 17 years subsequent to an unfortunate label experience that left a bad and decidedly THC-less taste in their mouths — the band removed all doubt by explicitly announcing their status as a “full, reunited band.” That label experience was apparently enough to discourage further Sleep efforts…until something compelled Al Cisneros, Matt Pike, and (now) Jason Roeder to very gradually emerge from their heavily tarred cocoon. The Science is Sleep at their most butterfly. Just imagine your favorite badass jungle documentary.

Now imagine that butterfly taking the needless initiative of going to the local butterfly salon and just lookin’ and feelin’ FANTASTIC. That’s the butterfly-form Sleep has taken with the announcement of a colorful 4xLP release entitled Live At Third Man Records, which, as you might’ve guessed, is an intimate recollection of the time the band sonically melted (figuratively!) Jack White’s combo venue/studio/label in Nashville. The performance took place on December 12, and the more than 2 hours of material spans multiple albums.

The arguable downside: you have to sign up for one of those damn “vault subscription things” via Third Man in order to purchase Live At Third Manor Records — and that so obviously costs money. Third Man also humbly requests that you sign up before January 31 if you want to hear Sleep in all their live, prolific, and reunited glory.

Hey, here’s a clip, though. And it don’t cost a thing:

Side One:
• Leagues Beneath

Side Two:
• Dopesmoker (Part One)

Side Three:
• Dopesmoker (Part Two)
• Holy Mountain

Side Four:
• The Clarity
• Aquarian

Side Five:
• Sonic Titan

Side Six:
• Marijuanaut’s Theme
• Giza Butler

Side Seven:
• The Botanist
• Dragonaut

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